The Tre Nonne Story:   Three Grandmothers, One Kitchen.


The Tre Nonne story begins, of course, in the old country. Hailing from Naples and Calabria; for generations the forerunners of the Maresca family took great pride and enjoyment in preparing the finest traditional Italian meals, served with the utmost hospitality. 

When Alice DeLuca (Dolly) and her family passed through Ellis Island at the turn of the century, she brought with her an old-world devotion to good cooking, and good fellowship to the new world. A parishioner of Mary Queen of Heaven Church in Brooklyn for decades, you can still see the statue of Mother Mary donated by her in the church courtyard. Alice loved to bake, and worked for many years as a member of the baker's guild, working the Midnight to 6 am shift making donuts.

Ann Vitale came to the new world from Naples, and hung her laundry on a wire across Mulberry Street. Ann worked in  the meat department at her local supermarket. Always in the kitchen; her authentic recipes still guide us today. 

Alice Maresca lived her life with a flair for Italian cooking and longevity. She spent many years working for a Manhattan hat maker, all the while perfecting her technique in her home kitchen.


The recipes here at Tre Nonne are inspired by the memory of Sunday dinners gone by. The fabulous cooking, family, and friendship from the three family matriarchs -The Tre Nonnes- Alice, Dolly, and Ann- inspires every meal we serve -Hearty and delicious pasta, made fresh the old way, perfectly prepared and seasoned meats, fresh salads and, of course, the delectable sauces -our own version of Sunday gravy!

Just like in their kitchens, we honor the spirit old fashioned Italian hospitality and strive to make sure you leave full –and with a smile on your face! 

The Maresca Family invites you to come visit us for Sunday Dinner Everyday, on Jonestown Road in Winston-Salem! 

*As we have experienced an increase in popularity, we kindly ask all patrons to call ahead and reserve seats for Friday, Saturday, and Sunday dinner service - as always, reservations are welcome and encouraged every other day of the week as well!!



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